Russia sanctions news on 2022 August 15

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Russia sanctions news on 2022 August 15

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The captured commander of the Kraken national formation, Dmitry Strelnikov, said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) suffered serious losses near Seversk in the Donbass. According to him, no one took the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers for burial from there, RIA Novosti writes.

"I was sent to Belogorovka [about 45 kilometers from Seversk] to take the height and put a machine gun. When we came in, I saw and heard the smell of decomposed bodies of Ukrainian servicemen, and they were already like this, around a month, maybe three weeks already lying," Strelnikov said.

The commander of the Kraken also clarified that his group, which was going to gain a foothold in the area, was shelled, as a result of which he was wounded.

Earlier, Strelnikov expressed the opinion that Kiev has no way to defeat the Russian army. According to him, the unit to which he belongs does not possess any special or special skills, and the information broadcast by Ukrainian television is only part of the information war.

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