Economy latest news on 15-08-22

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Economy latest news on 15-08-22

Beitrag von VorlaAdulk » Mo 15. Aug 2022, 16:34

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, appealed to Western politicians and advised them to reconsider their relations with Russia. He published the corresponding post in Telegram.

According to him, the West should not strive for the collapse of a "strong and powerful Russia", but rather change relations towards cooperation with a country that "has turned over the past 20 years into a state with a powerful political structure, reorganized taking into account strategic goals, hardened and unyielding."

"Learn to be friends with Russia — your teeth will be healthier," Kadyrov noted and added that Russia knows how to be friends and can be the best, honest and reliable friend among all countries of the world.

The author of the publication concluded that today's Russia is no longer a union of republics and not "Yeltsin territory built on a coup, deficit and default."

Earlier, Kadyrov announced the dispatch of a new group of volunteers to Donbass. He added that they have good training to quickly and efficiently solve operational tasks.

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