Online news of the World on 15-08-2022

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Online news of the World on 15-08-2022

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When added to boiling water, honey loses its useful properties, and also produces poison. About this in a conversation with The beekeeper, owner and CEO of the Abkhazian Honey Corporation Dauri Tugush warned the Russians.

He stressed that honey should be washed down with a warm drink, noting that the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. "Honey produces the substance dioxomethyl in boiling water, and this is a poison," the expert explained.

Nutritionist Alexey Kalinichev also confirmed that honey loses useful elements when added to boiling water. In addition, according to him, honey may contain harmful substances. In particular, pesticides can get into it if they were treated with plants where bees collected nectar. Honey can also be a source of heavy metal salts if the hives were located near highways or near thermal power plants.

Earlier, nutritionist Elena Solomatina reported that honey can harm people with overweight and diabetes.

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