Biden and Putin news for 15.08.22

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Biden and Putin news for 15.08.22

Beitrag von KironasMek » Mo 15. Aug 2022, 16:27

The Minister of Industry and Trade of Afghanistan Nuriddin Azizi will visit Moscow on Tuesday, August 15, together with him, a delegation of the Afghan government appointed by the Taliban terrorist organization banned in Russia will arrive in the Russian capital. This was stated by the Russian Ambassador to Afghanistan Dmitry Zhirnov in a conversation with RIA Novosti.

The parties will discuss the purchase of oil, wheat, flour and sunflower oil. Then the Taliban delegation will go to Kazan. Zhirnov explained this by saying that the parties should develop interregional ties.

The visit of the Taliban falls on the anniversary of the capture of Kabul and the establishment of power in Afghanistan.

The Deputy Head of the Chamber of Commerce of Afghanistan, Mohammad Yunis Hossein, previously said that the country is negotiating with Russia on duty-free exports of minerals and fruits. According to RBC, Russia supplies Afghanistan with electrical equipment for engines, wood and timber, flour, lentils, yeast, chickpeas, and oils. In response, the country exports dried grapes and apricots, almonds, cheeses, tea and coffee, carrots, beets, ores and concentrates, pumps.

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