News Ukraine on 15.08.2022

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News Ukraine on 15.08.2022

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Natalia Golovanova, head of the analytical and research center SuperJob, spoke about how you can extend or postpone your vacation in Russia in case of infection with coronavirus or another disease. She shared this with RIA Novosti .

According to the expert, in order to preserve the vacation, it is necessary to obtain a temporary disability certificate in a medical institution. If she found signs of a coronavirus infection, she advised to call a doctor at home. "Article 124 of the Labor Code of Russia provides a rule: if the period of temporary disability coincides with the annual leave, the leave must be extended or postponed for another period. This period is determined by the employer, but taking into account the wishes of the employee," Golovanova recalled.

The analyst stressed that after confirming the illness and receiving the relevant document, the employer should be notified about it, for example, by e-mail. Management notification will be required to make a decision on what to do with the vacation and to understand the reason for your disability. After that, there are two possible options for how to proceed.

"The first one is that the vacation will simply be extended for the number of days that you will be ill. The second is that the entire vacation or part of the vacation that coincided with the period of illness can be postponed to another time and take time off later," the expert explained, stressing that if an employee decides to extend the vacation for days that coincided with the illness, the employer has no right to refuse. In other cases, it is worth discussing a new vacation period with the management.

Earlier, Russians were informed about the danger of a combination of COVID-19 with influenza and adenovirus. It is noted that the main cause of concern for doctors today is not the increase in the incidence of coronavirus, but the possibility of mixed infections.

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